Jon Flaherty


Jon Flaherty –  Joining Shadowserver in 2016, Jon brings a range of skills and experience from UK Law Enforcement cyber crime investigation to the Foundation. Engaging in consumer outreach, incident handling and the training of constituents in the use of Shadowserver public benefit services allows Jon the opportunity to deliver current threats and insights to all areas of the cyber community.Of specific interest to Jon is international liaison and with the support of key public/private sector partners, the upskilling of developing cyber regions and National CERTs to ensure the effective use and understanding of Shadowserver’s bespoke datasets for a more secure internet.

Ponencia 2022

A spotlight on Spain & Latin America using Shadowserver Datasets

A demonstration of Shadowserver scan, sinkhole, honeypot and source reports by country, highlighting malware infections, attack vectors, IoT device populations and potentially exposed services in Spain and Latin America that could be exploited for cyber crime exploitation

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